Xanax – Is buying Xanax online dangerous

Buying Xanax online can be a safe process only when you purchase your pills at an authentic and trustworthy online dispensary. For it to be called authentic the drug store must possess a valid license and it must be based out of the US. The process might be straight forward only when there is transparency. Also, this feature might not be visible in the illegal drug stores out there. These drug stores work for profits and hence they deliver counterfeit Xanax products or fake sedatives that might cause adverse effects putting the life of customers at risk. So what are Illegal drug stores?

Illegal Online drug stores

The first online dispensary is said to be started in the late 1990s as per the article released by national institutes of health.. This store made huge success by selling medication that fall under both the categories of prescription and non-prescription. The success of this store prompted or motivated many sellers to come online. However, along with the legitimate ones, the rogue ones also cropped up to make huge profits. These rogue stores hide behind a good looking website and challenge the legitimate reputed pharmacies with unbelievable discounted prices. These stores are based overseas and hence they do not have any regulations or control procedures to follow. Owing to this reason, they even sell certain drugs without prescription causing a huge havoc in the industry. The most commonly sell imitation drugs and at times it is even impossible to know what harmful products you might receive from them.

Identifying an Illegal Dispensary

To make sure that you buy your Xanax from reputed online drug stores, you must first be able to identify an illegal store that hides in plain sight.

  • They might allow you to buy Xanax without a prescription
  • Unbelievably low costs of the drugs
  • Unavailability of a pharmacist
  • The pharmacy is based out of the US.

These are some of the features or key signs that might help you evade a rogue online drugstore. You can complain about illegal pharmacies to the concerned departments

The risks of Counterfeit Xanax

Based on a research, it shows that counterfeit products are sold all over the world by traffickers who earn in millions. This money is in fact used for terrorism and organized crime in some cases. Most of the illegal stores might sell fake Xanax pills with improper quantities of the active ingredient. More or less of it can really cause potential risks in people. Some fake sellers might also use toxins or cheaper alternatives of the active ingredient in Xanax pills.

Some of the most commonly found adulterants in Xanax pills are

  • Paint
  • Heavy metals
  • Inert ingredients like chalk, flour, powder, vitamins and sugar, which have zero medicinal value
  • Mercury, arsenic and cement
  • Rat poison

How to recognize a Counterfeit product?

A common man will not be able to identify a counterfeit product with certain lab tests, which are much needed to prove the same. However, there might be certain discrepancies with the packaging or the pills that is easy to recognize and identify.

  • The packaging label might have a disclaimer where it states that the product contains too much or too less of the active ingredient in it.
  • Various other ingredients might be listed out on the label.
  • Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors might be evident.
  • Poor packing quality of the product
  • No information of the efficient storage ways of the product
  • An expiry date that has already passed or no expiry date on the label
  • No labels at all
  • The external appearance of the pills might be unconvincing
  • Side effects unrelated to Xanax pills
  • Absence of any markings on the pills
  • Visually unappealing pills.

Legalities of buying Xanax Online

The legalities to sell Xanax online is bound by many restrictions in the US that even licensed overseas sellers can’t sell products to the people living in the US. Drugs that usually come from overseas do not really pass through the stringent guidelines of the FDA for sale. However, there are a few exceptions to be noted. The drug is usually allowed if it is required for a serious medical condition with no treatment procedure to tackle the same in the US. Also, the product must not be intended for any purpose of marketing and commercialization and should be imported by a person who confirms that it is for their personal usage. Also, the medication should not have any possible risk effects with not more than three month of the stocks to be supplied to the buyer in the US.


Buying Xanax online can be dangerous if you purchase it from these fake sellers out there. Hence immense research and homework is essential before you end up buying Xanax pills at a legitimate online dispensary.