Organizational Structure of MDCN


1.Administration Department.

(a) Personnel Unit
(b) Registry
(c) Training and Development
(d) Due Process Unit
(e) Pension and Gratuity Unit
(f) Stores
(g) Correspondence Unit
(h) Transport Unit

2.Registration Department.

– Archives
– Full registration
– Provisional/temporary/ limited registration
– Complementary / alternative medicine

3.Account Department.
4. Medical Education Department.
5. PR&S Department.
6. Inspectorate Department.
7. Professional Discipline Unit.
8. Audit Unit.
9. Legal Unit.
10. Corporate Affairs Unit.
11. Information Education and Communication Unit.
12. Medical Library Unit.


The department is directly responsible to the Registrar and performs the following functions:

(a) Coordinates all personnel and administrative duties of the Council;
(b) Prepares and maintains the register of all staff, confidential and secret files
(c) Caters for staff welfare;
(d) Coordinates appointment and promotion of staff;
(e) Serves as secretariat for all management, Board of Trustees and Council meetings;
(f) Maintains offices and equipment.
(g) Plans and Co-ordinates Training programmes
(h) Assisting in Planning, Organizing and Co-ordination of Councils activities
(i) Assisting in the Preparation of Budget
(j) Protocols and Public Relations


This department processes the registration of doctors including

a) Provisional,
b) Full,
c) Limited/temporary registration
d) Additional qualification
e) Issuance of annual practicing licenses and
f) Certificate of Good Standing for Doctors going abroad.


This department performs the following functions:-

(a) Processing of bank drafts
(b) Writing of receipts and lodging of both cash and drafts in the banks
(c) Payment of staff salaries and contractors
(d) Reconciliation of accounts and other financial transactions
(e) Keeping and Maintenance of all Accounting books and ledgers
(f ) Generation of Management Reports.
(g) Preparation, Coordination and Implementation of Council budget.
(h) Payment of Salaries and Wages and other related matters.
(i ) Preparation of Income and Expenditure transactions.
(j ) Effecting payment to Contractors and other related matters.
(k) Keeping of Impress for the running of office day to day expenses.


This department performs the following functions;

(a) Coordination of Continuing Medical Education Programme
(b) Coordination, accreditation and supervision of statutory Internship programme
(c) Assessment and accreditation of medical schools training programme
(d) Review of guidelines on minimum standards of medical and dental education
(e) Accreditation/Orientation of Foreign-trained doctors etc.


(a) coordination of all activities relating to discipline of erring doctors
(b) coordination of all activities of the Investigating Panel: The IP is an autonomous body created by the act. (The Unit is to facilitate the work of this body).
(c) coordination of all activities relating to the Disciplinary Tribunal: The DT is also an autonomous body created by the act. (The Unit is to facilitate the work of this body).
The Investigating Panel (IP) is a court of first instance following complaint from any aggrieved person, the IP invites the respondent doctor(s) for comments. It is required that both the initial letter of complaint and the comments of the respondent practitioner be rendered in an affidavit form duly sworn to before a Notary public or Commissioner for oaths.
Thereafter the panel invites both parties to a formal investigating proceedings at a specified date and venue.
If the Panel establishes a prima facie case against the respondent(s), the matter is referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal (DT).
The membership of both the IP and the DT are drawn from very highly experienced Medical and Dental Practitioners. Their proceedings are guided by the dictates of natural justice, equity and the rule of law.
Although the parties may elect to represent themselves at both proceedings, it is desirable that they be represented by counsel of their choice.


(a) Review of the internal control system on revenue collection/expenditure and recognition for effectiveness, efficiency and economy
(b) Ensure proper accounting books are kept
(c) Check proper classification of revenue and expenditure
(d) Ensure proper cut off procedure
(e) Vouch all revenue received to their supporting documents
(f) Test the arithmetic accuracy of the underlying records
(g) Expenditure audit
(h) Salary and wages audit
(i) Fixed assets audit
(j) Cash and bank audit
(k) Audit of debtors, prepayments, advances, creditors and accruals


This department will perform the following functions;
a) Planning strategy and programmes/plan of action for the council
b) Conducting and coordinating Research for the Development of the Office
c) Compilation of Statistics for the council
d) Coordination of Computerization activities
e) Publication of Directory, Gazette, Journals and Bulletin
f) Control and Co-ordination of Medical Library
g) Organizing seminars and workshops
h) Monitoring of Policy Implementation.


To be under the Planning Research and Statistics Department.
a) Coordinates the Computerization of all information on Councils operations and activities.
b) Monitoring and evaluation of the MDCN plans and programmes.
c) Maintain inventory, and repairs of all computer systems and the accessories.
d) Collation and Computation of all departmental activities.
e) Coordinate the storage, retrieval and dissemination of information.
f) Develop Database for Departments and Units.
g) Jointly manage and take care of the computer control room, VSAT terminal and Councils Website with the computer analyst.


a) Inspection of Hospitals/Maternity Hospitals and Clinics, and Internship Training Institutions for updating and Compliance with the laws.
b) Monitoring of Medical, Dental and Alternative Medicine Practitioners annual practicing licences, Ethical performance and compliance with Council’s regulations.
c) Law Drafting and Review
d) Litigations and prosecution of quacks
e) Liaison with the Law Enforcement Agencies
f) To liaise and co-ordinate the activities of the States Monitoring Team with the Director of Medical Services.


a) To liaise with the Inspectorate Unit
b) To liaise with Council’s Solicitor
c) Drafting of letters
d) Keeping custody of all legal documents
e) Advising the Registrar on legal matters
f) Attending to Court matters on behalf of the Registrar and submitting report.
c) Law Drafting and Review
d) Working with inspectorate department for prompt Litigations and prosecution of quacks
e) Facilitating the activities of the professional discipline unit


1. Management of the image of the Council to all its stakeholders
2. Information management and dissemination
3. Liaison with print and electronic media for positive image
4. Coordination of Service Compact with all Nigerians (SERVICOM) programme


a) Articulate and disseminate information concerning the activities of Council
b) Publish MDCN Newsletter
c) Supervise MDCN Library


a) Keeping records of all books, Gazettes, journals and magazines
b) Arranging all books, journals magazines, Gazettes and other materials orderly for easy retrieval.
c) Receiving and documenting of items ordered/donated on delivery
d) Guiding users on retrieval of Information
e) Listing and keeping of items in the archive