Guide To Ethical Professional Conduct In Nigeria

All registered doctors and dental surgeons shall, in all areas of their professional conduct, practice and comportment, in professional and other relationships with their patients and other persons, be guided and bound by the rules contained in these codes. Any registered practitioner who, after the investigation and trial during which he is given every opportunity to defend his actions and conduct, is found to have contravened these rules by the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria shall be guilty of professional misconduct.

The Council may impose penalties for the infringement of these desirable standards or for any form of infamous conduct in any of the following ways:

  1. Admonishing the practitioners;
  2. Suspending the practitioner from practice as a medical practitioner or dental surgeon for a period not exceeding six months;
  3. Striking the practitioner’s name off the relevant register.

In addition, the Council recently approved new publications in pursuance of its regulatory functions. The publications are: