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Valium abuse in Nigeria

Valium can be abused and has been abused. Those who abuse the drug develop physiological dependence on the drug. In time the effect of the drug on their body decreases making them take it higher quantities. This results in addiction to Valium.

In Nigeria, it is easy to get a valium. In fact, many of the prescription drugs are being sold over the counter. The main problem is how to identify an addict.

Things to look out for

There are many signs that show one is one his/her way to become addicted to Valium.

First is to identify whether you are using valium other than the prescribed way. Are you consuming Valium daily? Did you try to stop using the drug, but failed? Can you start your day without consuming Valium? Did you experience more negative aspects in life, but cannot stop using the drug? How quickly can access the drug and how you feel when it is in low supply?

Depending on how you answer these questions will determine whether you are becoming an addict.

You can identify a drug addict by his/her behavior. If a person does not pay much attention towards his/her hygiene or appearance. Appears to be un-coordinated and his/her speech and actions slowed down. Seems to in able to sleep or sleeps for long periods of time. Does not follow his/her eating habits and his/her body is shaking.

When a person is abusing Valium they usually exhibit one or more of the following symptoms.

Trouble concentrating and remembering things

Feeling lethargic and/or the excess need to sleep

No longer enjoy their favorite physical activities

Becoming more and more aggressive and violent

Easily demotivated

Suffers from bouts of depression and shows mood swings

Shows withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug

Abuse of Valium among teens in Nigeria

It has been reported that sedatives is among the top highly abused drugs in Nigeria. This because many people in Nigeria are having difficulty sleeping. Instead of finding out the cause of this insomnia, they are using sedatives. When consumed in excess, the user experiences reduced sexual drive, confusion, headaches, respiratory depression, visual disturbances, dependence, and tolerance. Also, these sedatives become ineffective with time.

Nigerian teenagers can buy Valium from a pharmacy without having to provide prescription. If they cannot buy the drug over the counter, these teens get it from the black market. Once the drug is consumed it make the teen experience a fast euphoric high. After using the drug for a long period of time, the teenager’s brain will need the drug to function properly.

These teens also have access to other drugs which makes them more at risk. This is because they mix these drugs to get high.

Even though they are easily accessible, it would be difficult for a stranger to get his/her hands on the drugs. The reason for this is that drug sellers prefer to sell to people they know. Even though places where these drugs are sold are rarely raided, it is common knowledge that the trade is illegal.

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is only too aware of the problem posed by drugs. Before heading to get Valium, it is recommended to compare the street price of Valium with the price in online pharmacy. Their head feels that pharmaceutical drugs must be sold in a pharmacy. The agency has conducted raid and in those raids have arrested people who sold them on the street.

How far it has spread

Drug abuse is not limited to poor people. Children from well to do homes have also fallen victim to them. One can find lawyers, doctors, and engineers among the drug addicts.

The drug re-habitation centers are filled with them. This is because these addicts can afford to get themselves cleaned. The same is not kids and young adults on the street.

Getting cured of Valium addiction

Once the person realizes that he/she is addicted to Valium, they try to stop using the drug. However, depending on how long they have been addicted, unwanted withdrawal symptoms can be triggered. These include agitation, discomfort and aches, panic attacks, anxiety, and gastrointestinal upsets. That is why when an addict stops using Valium, one must do under the supervision of specialist. This will help addicts stop addiction safely and properly.

Nigeria’s drug problem is real and unless something is done quickly, many of Nigeria’s future will be destroyed.